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Win, Win or No Deal!

Howdy folks,

  Last week I helped my seller close escrow on their 1952, original home in Lakeside. This was a super unique situation with a funny story about a horse.

    The opportunity posed some challenges right at the get-go. When I first met with the seller, they told me they wanted to sell “as-is, wanted to be out by November 30th, didn’t want a For Sale sign in the yard and didn’t want many open houses because of the dogs.” I was up for the challenge. After the listing appointment, I went home and researched the comparable properties in the neighborhood. One home in particular jumped out at me; it was built the same year, same number of beds and number of baths and was sold as a flip property for $385,000 in March of this year. I did further research to find out that 6 months prior to it being sold, it was purchased by a flipper for $270,000.  What was an extraordinary coincidence is that in the photos of the flipped property for sale, I recognized a picture of a horse, the same one that was in the home that I was currently in escrow with a buyer client of mine in Poway. So, I called that flipper and sure enough, they were the ones who bought the other home in Lakeside. So, I proposed to them that they might want to buy my seller’s home for x amount of dollars. They wrote up an offer about $12,000 less than what I was hoping they would so..we countered by asking for the buyer’s agent to forego their commission (it was a flipper) as well as the buyer pay for all of my seller’s closing costs. These together amounted to about $12,000. So, in the end, with a little PI work and my fancy negotiating skills 🙂 the art of the deal was complete and everyone walked away pleased with the outcome.

I’m ready to make more deals happen. Who do you know who needs to sell a home, buy a home or invest in real estate? Happy Holidays! Kristin